Lino’s Coffee

Food & Beverage Division

Lino’s Coffee presents to you exclusive and truly exceptional rarefied Single Origins from around the world. We roast and make artisan coffee with no shortcuts on quality or trading standards. Like the most memorable chapters of an incredible story we understand the ingredients that deliver the finest coffees from the most gifted growers from every part of the world. As well as purveyors of fine coffee, we could be seen as collectors of remarkable stories that define them.

We love the finest coffee and we regard our customers as connoisseurs. Lino’s Coffee is committed to serve exceptionally rare and superior specialty coffee that remains faithful to the very origin of coffee culture. We achieve this through our dedication to echo the sincere traditions of early coffee culture and build long-standing relationships to help support the communities involved.

We actively nurture and cultivate long-term relationships that incorporate ethical, fair practices, which in turn empower our suppliers to consistently deliver exceptional coffee.​ Our fundamental aim is to unite the enjoyment of coffee through harmonizing its benefits for all involved from grower to connoisseur. This we believe reflects true love to what we do. Lino’s Coffee, a true coffee boutique.