Advertising Division

ADMEDS is an outdoor advertising company in the Sultanate of Oman, with more than 16 Billboards across The country. ADMEDS offers advertisers a variety of billboard, helping both local businesses and national brands reach broad audiences every day, ADMEDS is proud to offer its customers the Best locations and Services.outdoor advertising is a tried and true method of advertising which noticeably incorporates your targeted branding message into the everyday landscape of commuters and becomes part of the very fabric of the living and working environment where it is placed. Even though outdoor advertising in various forms, such as billboard advertising has been in existence for many centuries it continues to evolve as an ever more popular and effective advertising method in contemporary times.As new trends and technologies have emerged, outdoor advertising companies, also referred to as out of home media companies, and billboard advertising companies, have continued to innovate to help advertisers keep a competitive edge. If your goal is to gain exposure and solidify the brand recognition for your product, service, or company, outdoor advertising needs to be considered as part of your marketing plan. It is straight-forward, memorable, time-tested and cannot be ignored as one of the most powerful ways to jumpstart or invigorate any marketing campaign.

Locations of Billboards:

  1. Roof Top – BillBoard – Wadi Adai
  2. Roof Top – BillBoard – Barka
  3. Roof Top – BillBoard – Barka
  4. Roof Top – BillBoard – Ruwi
  5. Roof Top – BillBoard – Ruwi
  6. Roof Top – BillBoard – Ruwi
  7. Roof Top – BillBoard – Darsait
  8. Roof Top – BillBoard – Darsait
  9. Roof Top – BillBoard – AlKhuwair
  10. Roof Top – BillBoard – AlKhuwair
  11. Roof Top – BillBoard – Nizwa
  12. Unipole   РBillBoard РMuscat Express / Ghala